Institute of Social Work

We keep a complete central line bay arranged following Serranos street direction. The rest of the building is organized according to the plot’s geometry. Moreover, we project this bay to be a single open space on all levels, so it can house the most representative uses in the program.

The main façade’s requirement is to provide the finish plane for the urban space in which is set. The project responds to this need with current architecture budgets; eliminating any unnecessary elements and proposing formal abstraction for all essential constructive solutions required for its fulfilment.

We propose a three-body composition: slightly differentiating the base of the building with the choice of materials; and the ornamental finish, with the lower vertical clearance on the top floor and the absence of eaves. In ground floor voids dimensions are kept equal to those on higher levels, with the exception of the open space within the access point, which sticks out thanks to the particular size of its opening.