Offices and Fire Brigade’s Museum

In an open urban environment, a building is set with clearly define blocks. A part of the outer space is joined to and delimited by lower floor open spaces in order to provide a common entry location to all groups of blocks proposed in different phases.

The blocks arrangement solves the headquarters program, fitting into the plot with a horizontal part, dedicated to the museum, and a multi-storey office building. The way blocks are placed gives an urban presence to the entire complex, as well as providing it with the representative image that corresponds to a public building.

Within the actual fire station plot, and linking with the situation of the current building, a new open space also fits into the whole, solving the need for liberated or complementary spaces for the museum and, at the same time giving answer to the open area between the two existing fire brigade buildings.

The roof garden achieves a double purpose: to facilitate the building’s own sustainability, thanks to the insulation the roof provides, and to allow a space for recreation and sporting activities.