School of Psychology

The site is proposed as an empty space, external, open towards the more distant views on the ground floor, and closed on upper floors with simple geometry: a square. The courtyard frames a piece of the sky, a cloister full of activity, with terraces on different levels which are adequately protected from the sun.

The building is placed on a plot of regular proportions. It is situated at the end of the axis which, as a green boulevard, connects the university complex; from the old part to the new extension. This condition of rounding off the visual end imposes unavoidable formal and urban scale requirements. Moreover, the building must present clearness and simple geometry, it should be easy to recognise, autonomous and it has to adopt a scale which will allow it to be visible from the distance.

Urban surroundings and the plot’s shape determine the floor’s geometry of the building, forming the concrete plinth. On it, a light and translucent prism aligns with the green boulevard’s geometry, connecting in this way the new expansion areas of Malaga University, with the urban layout already consolidated.