Safor Architects’ College of Valencia Headquarters

To move architects’ work towards its social setting should be among the college’s highest priorities; after all, the college is a professional organization. That is why, we believe it is appropriate to place on ground level the most public part of the program, which is more likely to filter out to society and could best convey the college’s image as a professional open association: the exhibition room. An information desk will provide the necessary support and will facilitate the entry and exit of documents.

The multipurpose room is on the basement. This room is divisible and flexible, as well as being well illuminated and ventilated. On this level, we also placed a file room with great capacity for projects.

The first floor is used for offices. A new courtyard, opened from the covering, provides three office rooms and the main desk with light and ventilation. We work around the necessary privacy in a small scale urban environment.