Social housing IVVSA Benidorm

Both: the physical proximity of the sites, both integrated in a set of landscaped open spaces; and the planned program, suggest the idea of linking two population groups. These two facts encourage in this way the exchange of experiences, hopes and vital contacts between these groups.

A horizontal plane, common to both plots, sets the basic public space from which there is access to the two buildings, the one belonging to young people and the other to senior citizens. This plane embodies the necessary connection between two generations. Above it lie the two buildings. Senior citizens’ building, which is of lower height, is orientated and has views of the southernmost cove. The other building for young people, which is of greater height, allows looking over the existing front mound, elongating the view to the landscape and the sea. The situation of both blocks, orthogonal with one another, shelters the public space of the horizontal platform.