Housing and Day Centre

The aim of the proposal is to encourage the gathering of senior citizens maintaining independent, but next to each other homes. We create, in this way, self-help and shared living spaces supported by communal facilities, for instance: recreation rooms, laundry facilities, dinning hall, assistance, etc. The most important services such as: health centres, shops, cinemas, etc. are provided by the location of the elder housing, within Picaña town.

The project plans ground floor attached houses, for one or two people, with a porch and a bench next to the front façade, small garden area to be customized by each user and a backyard, with direct access from the street. In the houses, we have specially taken into account the design to improve comfort from bioclimatic sustainable budgets: cross ventilation, low maintenance facilities, etc.

Shared facilities are grouped into three buildings in the centre of the plot, making them, in this way, visible from every home.