State School “Botánico Cavanilles”

Kindergarten and Primary Education State School “Botánico Cavanilles”. Gandía. Valencia

The different building blocks have been organized responding to its location as well as taking into account strictly functional matters.

This arrangement pretends giving answer to the different characteristics of perimeter roads, creating at the same time a space before the access. The entrance on the ground floor gains depth thanks to an open porch.

From a practical perspective, we address the need to provide the pre-school area with a certain amount of functioning autonomy placing it on ground level, always bearing in mind that it should also maintain a connection with the main building. On this level, near the main entrance, we also place: the caretaker’s office, multipurpose room and dining hall. Primary classrooms are organized into three groups, according to their corresponding educational stage, on the upper level.

Moreover, the different blocks from the buildings fit into the plot’s perimeter in such a way as to maintain the maximum possible surface for open spaces within the site.