State School “San Antoni de Padua”

Kindergarten and Primary Education State School "San Antoni de Padua". Xeresa, Valencia

The program for the different uses of the building includes educational spaces for preschool children (ages 3 to 6) and for primary children (ages 6 to 12), with independent access, different playgrounds, etc.
In front of the building’s main façade, a public park is home to the social centre of the new neighbourhood, placed among old olive trees.

The building gathers, on the nearest corner to the borough’s historic urban area, the entries for preschool and primary children. They are enhanced by two porches where the fair-face concrete folds into a vertical wall.

With the porches, which recede about 5 meters from the facade, there is the necessary space, shaded and protected from other weather conditions, to facilitate parents entry and waiting for children during in and out school hours.

The building is settled, from a construction point of view, with fair-face brick façades. The fenced perimeter walls are made of concrete. At the centre of the plot is left a recreation space, set in two levels, in which outdoor sporting activities can also take place. Other facilities include: a gym, changing rooms, canteen, kitchen and housing for the caretaker. A series of outdoor porches allow sheltered and shaded communication between all school zones.

All classrooms are south orientated, with sunscreens that allow darkening spaces totally or partially.

The centre’s capacity is 450.