Social housing Riu Sec

The plot is located on the edge of a housing estate next to the Campus of the University
Jaume I. Thanks to its slightly elevated position; we can enjoy distant views of Castellón’s contour as well as views of the sea from upper floors.

Regarding the surroundings, the project proposes completing the façade’s outline with a first building block aligned, maintaining the same height as the rest of those foreseen by the planning. In the background, a 15 story block with the necessary slenderness gives answer to the need of providing an adequate finish to the end of the avenue. This achieves a finishing point at an urban scale.

At ground level, a slightly elevated communal space is generated; accessible from the houses and primarily designed as a space whose use is left to the tenants’ initiative, provided with part of the social equipment requested in the program.

The housing blocks are passing by areas, with spaces that flow along the façades. The corridor and the terrace are parallel circulation alternatives to ease communication between blocks.

The main structure is made of reinforced concrete. Architectural precast white concrete panels are used for cladding.