Social housing Velluters district

Velluters neighbourhood’s surroundings are predominated by residential buildings. These are characterized by the necessary implications that accompany building with load-bearing walls: façade planes provided with considerable depth; voids of vertical proportion, etc. and, in general, a considerable building density.

The plot is the remaining buildable land of expropriations that took placed for building an educational and cultural complex, which take up three of the four façades in the new square. This fourth façade is left for the residential building.

We build a block which occupies the entire plot. Regarding façades composition, we try to accomplish a double aim: first, the impression must be that of sufficient scale in order to cohabit with the rest of the square buildings, which are of a public nature; and second, the side walls, placed on narrow streets, must fit in with domestic parameters.
This dual objective is achieved using the classic method of three sections façade’s, emphasizing the ornamental finish with the construction of a canopy over the loggia on the top floor. The front façade also responds to the typical plot subdivision of homes in the historical urban area: repeating small voids on the side of Tejedor Street, and grouping them into a single large void per level on Sendra Street’s side.